What is facebook timeline:-
Facebook Timeline, was introduced by facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg  in September,2011, Timeline is a complete rethinking off a user's profile page and how it should look. Time line uses Facebook users existing data like pics, status, friends etc.. and represents that data in more meaningful way.

Facebook users can now easily scroll back to previous years and see what they were saying and what they were doing its like time travel (going to past).its a complete innovation and a huge change and really make sharing like real life(as g+ says) ..! !!

How to get Facebook timeline profile:-
  • After logging in click here or visit:- http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline
  • Now click on " Get Timeline " 
Click on:- Get Timeline

  • Now you well be redirected to your facebook profile and you can feel the change.
  • Now click on " Publish Now " or (There's a seven-day review period. During the seven-day review period, the  user will be able to publish it at any point of  time.(either just after getting profile or  If you chooses to wait, it will automatically go live after the week is up.)
Click on:- Publish Now
  •  Now all set your Timeline Profile is live and visible to all the facebook users..!
Now how to create a Cool Cover to your Timeline profile:-
 Timeline Profile cover represents your whole profile ..! its like a cover of a book or album..!so it has to be impressive..!
so how to make impressive cover ..and what is impressive ,,, how about adding your all friends to your Cover photo Like below

  How to create a cover like this one:-

  •  Now go to creaposter or visit:- https://apps.facebook.com/creaposter/ (it will merge all of your friends profile picture and create a impressive image)
  • Click "  Allow "
Click on:- Allow
  •  Now within less then 15sec you will see below screen . In this screen click on SAVE & SHARE
click on:- SAVE & SHARE
Now click on add cover

  •   Now come back to your timeline profile and click on add cover>Choose from Photos..
click on:- add cover>Choose from Photos.

  • Now Select the picture created by Creaposter. 

  • Now Clik on " Save Changes "
    Clik on:- Save Changes
  • thxx.. don't forget to comment like and share..! !! :-)   

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