How many Gmail accounts do you have..? ?? 1 or 2 or more than that..! may be more than 1 and its quite logical because its very inconvenient to use same mail ID for personal and professional use..!
So we have to use different E-mail id's and Gmail is  most preferred one because of its exclusive features ..! Earlier gmail doesn't allow users to access multiple accounts at same time on same browser but In this post i'll show you how to access multiple gmail accounts on same browser without using any software..!

Follow steps below to access multiple gmail accounts on same browser:-

  • After logging in Open:- Account Setting (From sub-menu you get  clicking on image on Right top )
  • Now click on Account Overview  
    • then  in Security section Click Edit  in Multiple Sign-in option

  •  Now select On and tick all three check boxes and click on Save
  •  Now signout from your gmail account and login again.
  • And click on Your Google Profile Image (right top) and click on Switch Profile
  • Now click on:- Sign in to another account

  •  Now  simply log in to your second gmail account
  •  Now you have added two mail id's to your gmail account to switch your account just Click on Switch account by clicking on your mail id on top right  and then select one you want to access.

Note:- this trick will only work for gmail account .. it will not work on other Google accounts like blogger, adsense , picasa .
 thxx..! !! :-)
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