Are there folders or applications you need a lot or use them havily?  Do you know that you can create your own keyboard shortcut to quickly access that file,folder or application by creating a keyboard shortcut.
NOTE:-This will only work for shortcuts located on your desktop
Steps to create your own keyboard shortcut:-
  • First you need to create an actual desktop shortcut for the application thats shorcut you want to create.
  • Go to application whose keyboard shortcut your want to create
  • Right-click on the application and select > Create Shortcut from the context menu. Make sure the shortcut sits on your desktop.

  • Now goto desktop right-click the shortcut created and select > Properties. You should see a line that says “Shortcut Key: <none>”. Click that line and then click a letter ony our keyboard, for example F. A shortcut will be created, in this example [Ctrl] + [alt] + [F].

  • And there you go, now you have your own personal shortcut key.
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