This post is all about how to make your facebook profile batter..! how about to change your profile pic. A profile pic leaves a impact on everyone. Now what if your profile pic is looks different then most of profile pics. You can use a banner image which can give batter look to your profile.
Like this.
After editing

 Before editing

 How to edit your facebook profile picture:-
  • All you need is a image with size greater then 540*180(Hight>=540 and width>=180)
  • You can use Photoshop to edit or you can edit online through aviary(aviary is a online photo editor, you can use it to edit your image online and create your banner)
click here to edit image through aviary

  • After editing your image Keep in mind( hight>=540 & width>=180). save it to your computer system .
  • Now upload your new  profile picture.

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