This post is about how you can add your blog to your facebook page using a facebook app called " networked blogs ". Networked blog is a facebook app which is used by many blogger's to permote there blog at facebook. When you will add your blog to your fan page using networked blog it will automatically shared in you page under your Blog tab.

Now how you can add your blog to your facebook page:-

  • After clicking on " Register a Blog " This window will open now copy your blog link and paste it in the box .

  • Now fill all the required information

    After filling all the required info click on:- Next

  • After clicking next you will be asked whether you author of the blog or not? click on YES

  • Then you will be asked for confirmation (confirmation for that you are the owner of blog or website)for confirmation you have two options click on 2nd option . 
    • Ask friends to confirm you( instruction about 1st option mentioned in video at bottom of this post)
Click on:- Or, install the widget

  • Copy the Option 1 code then login to you blog if not already->goto layout->add a gadget->html. and paste code->save arragements   

  • Now come back to Networked blog window and click on Verify Now

  • Now goto your FACEBOOK FAN PAGE where you added the BLOG and click on Blog->Edit tab->and tick your blog->click on save changes

How to add you blog to facebook page:-

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