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Lots of computer software and hardware companies using team viewer to assist  there clients to get rid of problems. Team viewer is a software through which you can remotely operate a computer system by sitting anywhere else on other computer system.You can use team viewer to remotely access your friend's computer system.Is it secure..?? yes it is.. because no one can access your pc till (S)he has your id and password. and password changes everytime you open team viewer.

What is team viewer:-
It is a Remote desktop utility. by using it u can remotely access any computer by sitting on your computer system.both parties connect to a server which sets up a session between both.

How team viewer works:-
  • One person opens up teamviewer and calls person B.  
  • Person A gives the ID and password to person B.  
  • Person B puts this information in teamviewer and hits connect.
  • now person B can access person A computer.

 Requirements to use team viewer:-

Directions to use team viewer :-
  • Open team viewer
  • Inform second party to open it too.
  • Ask them there team viewer id and password (password changes every time you open team viewer) if you want to acces there system or give them your password and id to allow them to access your computer system.
  • type in there id and password. if you want to access there computer system.
  • Click on " Connect To Partner "
  • now you are all set to access second party computer system.

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