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Do u like music.. ! !! i'm sure you do, who don't love it.,so do your visitors . ok, why don't add  add  music player in your blog? In this post I will explain how to add music player in your  blog. . The music player i'm about to explain is  MixPod. With this service you will be able to show your music player in your blog.
 Let's start:-

  •  Go to MixPod  Click Sign Up in the top-right

  •  Now fill all the info

    • Fill yourYour Email:
    • New Password:
    • Re-type Password:
    • Birthdate:
    • I am:(Gender)
    • Location:(Country)
  • After filling all the info click on Sign Up

  • Now   Just follow 3 steps: -Add Music (Adding Playlist), -Customize (Skins, Colors and Styles, Settings), -Save Playlist
    • on:- 1. Add Music
      • Search for the songs you want to add to the playlist
      • After searching click on + sign to select the song
      • You can add up to 200 songs per playlist

    •  2. Customize  After selecting songs for your playlist click on  to edit your player's colors & styles  at Music Playlist Skins. 

    •  If you done all of it, click SAVE (get code)

  •  In the left options, click Blogger

  • Copy the code, then Paste on your HTML Widget or in a post in html mode. Save! Or follow steps below code box.

  •  Done..! !! :-)

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