Some times we face some problem. One of them ‘Windows was unable to format’ likes pendrive, USB card, SD card, SD Mp3 player, SD Mp4, SD Card etc. Here is some method and tips to solved this problem-

Method 01
Insert your pen drive in computer and don't take it out. Insert WinXP Cd in CD-Rom. . Restart your Computer When screen show boot from Cd click any button. Press any key. Wait for up to 5-10 minutes. When format screen comes then select your pen drive over there. Install winXP on you pendrive path. Now it asks for format. After formatting it copies the files, at that particular moment restart your computer. Remove the Cd from CD-Rom and the pen drive from computer. Now when your computer is restarted insert your pendrive and delete if there is any unnecessary file exists.

Method 02
Just Right Click My Computer Choose Manage. Then at Computer Management choose Disk Management. At Disk2 Right Click at your "Protect Removable Disk" ex: "Removable Disk (F:)". Choose "Change Drive Letter and Paths for ....." Simple Click "REMOVE", then Click "ADD", simple..... Try to Format Yours then Try to Copy another files.

Method 03
Right click on my computer > Manage> Disk management. You will locate your hard disk partitions. Right click on the partition has the problem and click >Format
and the Yes on any message will pop up and it will be formatted.
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