one of the important feature i was looking from the day i started using cell phone is Message / SMS Scheduler, i always wanted to deffer sms or send sms at specified time for many reasons most of the time i wanted to wish my friends, family or relatives on their birthday or anniversaries at midnight without loosing the sleep or many time i wanted to send SMS at specified time when i am not in the city.

many times i forget to wish during the birthdays of friends even though i would have remembered one or two days before,recently i even forgot to wish my sister on her birthday first :(

Now with hell lot of developers in android market you can find tons of SMS scheduler apps see below pic which more or less performs the same operation of deferring the SMS and sending at specified date and time, whats more some applications allow to add multiple contacts, or send multiple sms scheduled to specified user at specified time

Recently i downloaded a free app called "SMS Wishes" which satisfies all my timed SMS needs see the below pic for screen shot

Now be the first to wish your family and friends on the special occasions by sending them wishes at a minute past midnight without loosing sleep
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