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Google + is going to take social networking to whole new level. Although google + is still trying to improve but it is still the best Social Networking site and definitely will take over facebook and other social networking websites in few mounths. They reached 2 millions users within 2 weeks of launch its huge..!
  • Google + is providing very interactive Interface. 
  • Google plus is smooth and  Faster then all other social network.
  • Want to be friends with anyone just click add to circle and select a circle like friends, family,acquaintances or make your own circle. 
  • Circle makes it easy to solve the privacy issue.
  • Picture quality is too good as compared to other Social networking websites
  • Google + deals in circles which makes it to easy to share your thoughts with whom you want to share. Like Family,  friends, acquaintances or just make it public for everyone. 
  • Google + hangout feature is also a ++ for google+. Its like a group in facebook. but no one really control it like a admin of group in facebook.
  • +1 is goole + and Like button is facebook this is the battle. 
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