Hi, friends hope you all are fine .So lets have a talk about firefox a this is  a superb trick 
to save automatically password of an account using Firefox.This trick is  save the passwords
 without any Notification. 
We just have to do certain steps to auto Save Passwords without any Notification ..!
 So lets do it .

Things Required :
1. A Bit Brain  [ very Imp ]
2. A Computer
3. Firefox 3.6

LOL Hope you  all have the above things .....

Step By Step Guide :

1. First  thing you have to do is to find  nsloginmanagerprompter.js  file   
which is normally found in  c:\ProgramFiles\MozillaFirefox\Components\  .

2. Now open nsloginmanagerprompter.js  file      with Notepad .

3. Then Replace the Line 804 to 869 With The Fallowing Code :

var pwmgr = this._pwmgr;

4. After Replacing It save the file . Then Finally in four steps you are done ! .

NOTE : We have got complaints that it doesn't Work with Higher Version of Firefox .
 Use Firefox 3.6 [ Recommended ]
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