"njRAT", The Saga Continues

 In June 2013, we released a paper containing information about the njRAT malware that included its functionality, indicators of compromise, and campaign codes used on the variants we had identified.

To this day, we continue to observe waves of blunt phishing attacks from compromised hosts in the Middle East, showing threat actors using multiple tools (including njRAT, AdwindRAT, Xtreme RAT, and H-Worm) in clustered phishing attacks against the same targets.  Some of these attacks continue to target the U.S. telecommunications sector with threat actors sending phishing emails using business-oriented lures containing the aforementioned tools or links to websites that serve these tools.

Additionally, we continue to directly observe significant activity from threat actors sending commands to the victim systems in the Middle East.

Further, we are observing attackers using the following obfuscators to make detection of this malware specimen more difficult for security analysts:

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