Hearing loss is often not a dramatic event, but something that gather inexorably overtime. Worried your hearing might be getting bad but don’t want to see a doctor about it just yet? You can give yourself a preliminary test using this amazing mobile app to see where you stand. We recommend a couple of different apps, Hearing Test for Android and Uhear for iPhone. You can also test your hearing age using Mimi Test for iPhone (this video also works). Both will give you an Idea of how your hearing is doing so you can make the choice of whether or not it’s worth seeing a doctor.

Additional features:
* viewing tests results,
* adding notes to the tests results,
* printing of the tests results,
* adjustment of calibration (calibration coefficients may be adjusted on the basis of your audio gram      produced using an audiometer).
* verification of calibration coefficients,
* suppressing of the masking noise for the purpose of free field audiometry.

Download Hearing Test App for Android / iPhone 
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