Portable Software helps us to do not waste our time. When we out of House or Office than we have to need any urgent work on Computer with any Software and we have not computer (Laptop). Then we go to any Cyber Café which established nearby you, found out that a software (which we have to want work on it) is not installed on it. So, we have to need install that software to work on it. Its waste our time. When we have not a software (which software for working), we facing out a problem.
           We have need to a software extension which open directly without installing and don’t waste our time. So we must to make Portable version of Software.

Here, Today I’ll help you to create a Portable version of a software using WinRAR SFX step by step.

1. Software which we want to create Portable.
2. WinRAR (Download WinRAR here.)

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