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I know it's a while since I posted here, but thought I'd start a project that made for a few entries and having retired recently and started to catalogue my vinyl and (being honest) shellac collections, I thought there must be a few other people out there with large collections of music on black discs and trying to keep track of them.

There's no details in this post but the intention is to get you interested by showing what I intend to do. The main menu screen as yet does not have a great many items, but they do all currently work!

This will log music on all formats - 78s, 7-inch, LP albums, CDs, tapes, 8-tracks and digital files. You can have multiple tracks on albums and you can have an album artist different to track artists.

The main data entry screen currently looks like this. Artists are entered in the top box and the bottom window will only show music tracks by the displayed artist. On this page you can associate tracks with an album. Track number (if appropriate), label, format, storage box reference and the disc's own catalogue number can be stored.

You can also store the file path to digital music tracks (for both A and B sides) so that these can be played directly from the database. Clicking the button when a path has been specified will open your default media player. If no file path has been specified the button has different text (see B Side button above) and clicking has no effect.

This is the report that lists a single storage box. It can be opened as an Access report...

...or as an Excel spreadsheet, in which case it will open Excel automatically.

Note that this is a work in progress. I intend to create a separate Artist input screen to allow more details of the artist and also a button that will open an image of the record label/artist/record sleeve if you have scanned these.

No macros are used in this. Instead we'll be looking at using a bit of Visual Basic to do the main work behind the scenes. Excited? Good! Watch out for the first instalment soon...

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