Ginger Software, the maker of the powerful spelling and contextual grammar checker "Ginger" has released an iPhone app called Ginger Page. Ginger's technology can correct mistakes that common spell checking software would not detect. Ginger does this by analyzing the context of the text being written. For example, if you are writing about drafting a school essay Ginger will suggest that you use "write" instead of "right." From my testing, Ginger also seems much better at suggesting and correcting punctuation than other editing software. Ginger Page can also read your writing back to you using text-to-speech, which can be a powerful proof reading tool, especially for those with dyslexia. Once you have completed your writing, you can share it by text message, email, or open it in another compatible app.

While the Ginger correction software is very good, the app has some notable omissions. Ginger Page is only available for iPhone which is perplexing for a writing focused app. The iPad's larger screen would make the writing experience much easier. Also, Ginger requires an internet connect to correct your writing. You can still type into the app without an internet connection, but no corrects will be offered. 

Since, Ginger Page is a free app its a no brainier to download it if you need extra spelling and grammar help. Click here to download Ginger Page. Watch the above video above to see Ginger Page in action and click read more below to view screenshots of the app.

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