Here is easiest way to shut down yuur pc is to type (shutdown –s) in to cmd “command” and that will give a message that “the computer will shutdown and you have 30 seconds”
   -But if yuu just type (shutdown -a) it will abort the shutdown but there are other commands. I will just start off doing the easiest ones-

shutdown –s
>This will shutdown yuur pc in 30 seconds and display a message<

shutdown –s –t 40
>This will shutdown in 40 seconds but you can only go up to 86400 (24 hours) but if you make it 0 it will show no message and just shutdown<

shutdown –s –c ”haha the computer is going to shutdown”
>This will shutdown with a message in a box under the time<

shutdown –l
>This will just log you of the pC<

shutdown -i
>This will display the GUI shutdown window<

shutdown –r
>This Will restart the pC<

shutdown –a
>This will abort the shutdown<

shutdown –f
>This will force all running applications to close<

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