In my last post i shared a trick how to use colorful text/alphabet in facebook chat without adding any addon. Now in this post i'll share that how you can use your friends profile pic in facebook chat. and you will surely gonna get an idea that how this whole trick works(including the trick of using colorful text alphabets) 

How to add your friends profile pic/image in facebook chat:-

  • First of all login to your facebook account.
  • Get your friends username for eg:- in this link amitrwt is username or get his/her account id if S(he) not using username for eg:-  here 100001437283980 account id. 
  • copy his/her username or account id(THE RED BOLD TEXT MENTIONED ABOVE
  • Now go to chat window
  • and put his/her username or account id  [[here]] for eg:- [[amitrwt]] or [[100001437283980]]
  • And press enter
  • done

    How to get your friends username or account id:-

    • Go to your timeline (click here if you don't have timeline profile yet) or simply goto your wall.
    • Then click on Friends  or Friends  tab if you not using facebook timeline

    • After that search for your friend who's profile pic/image you want to add in chat

    • Now go to friends profile by clicking on there image after search results
    • Now look in your address bar You will see something like :-
      • For eg.
        amitrwt is a unique username copy it.

          • or if your friend not using username then you will see something like this:-
            if not just click on your address bar now copy account id
            • one other way to get account id is go to your friends account right click on report/block and click on copy link location now open a new tab and and paste it at your address bar it will look look like this:-
            • now copy the number just after cid= and before &rid=

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