A question I've been asked a few times is how to keep headings in view when you scroll down or across a large spreadsheet.

Here I've got a spreadsheet that records the number of views my photos get daily at my Flickr account. Every day I look at the stats on my account and in the spreadsheet I enter the number of views per day and the number of photographs I have stored there. From these two pieces of information the spreadsheet can work out the total number of views by adding the total from the previous day to the daily number of views and the average views per photo by dividing the total views by the number of photos.

However over the course of a year or two there are so many entries (days) that the column headings would normally disappear off the top of the screen when you scroll down.

To stop this happening I've used the Freeze Panes function of Excel to stop the top two rows from scrolling. Those two rows contain the headings and remain on screen whilst the rest of the rows scroll.

To start, select the cell underneath and to the right of the rows and columns you want to keep in view. In my example I only want to freeze the top two rows, not any columns at the left, so the cell I've selected is A3.

Then I select the View tab from the menus at the top.

Finally I select one of the options from the Freeze Panes icon.

Note that once you have frozen some headings, the options change to include an Unfreeze option.

Now I can scroll down as far as I need to and can still see the column headings.
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