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Support for topic has been extended in Windows 7. In supplements to backdrop the colors of the window chrome, desktop background, desktop icons, mouse pointers and sound schemes, topic in Windows 7 include desktop slideshow settings. A new control panel interface, accessible through the "Personalize" background menu scoop on the desktop, has been introduced which provides the talent to customize and switch between themes, as well as download more themes from Microsoft's web site. Support for "theme packs" is included; topic group are chest queue with an extension of .themepack, and consist of a .theme as well as any number of image, sound, icon, and mouse cursor files.[2] Windows 7 recognizes this queue pattern and evidence switch the user's topic to the theme contained inside when opened. A Windows 7 topic tins also specify an RSS meal from which new desktop backdrop images tins be downloaded.

Desktop Slideshow

Windows 7 includes a desktop slideshow that changes the desktop background in a designated count of time with a smooth stain transition. This feature supports pre-downloaded sets of wallpapers and also supports snapshot RSS feed.


Windows Vista introduced Gadgets and a sidebar which provides the skill to refuge Gadgets to the period of the user's desktop. In Windows 7, the sidebar has been removed, while contraption can still be placed on the desktop. Gadgets snap to certain stance on the desktop and from each other; dragging with the Shift key held down prevents contrivance from automatically snapping into position. Windows 7 adds a Windows Media Center gadget to the default mixture while ejection the Contacts and Notes gadgets.
Managing gadgets is more closely integrated with Windows Explorer, but the gadgets themselves continue to operate in a separate sidebar.exe process.[4] The Desktop context menu includes a new "Gadgets" menu option to access the gadget gallery, and a "View" sub-menu option to market or hide gadgets. Hiding contraption consequences in the sidebar.exe direction entity unloaded, which Microsoft says is a power-saving practice. Unlike Windows Vista, all contraption run in a single process, which saves memory, and the process is not run at all if the user has no appliance on the desktop. Gadgets tins be brought to the foreground on vertex of active persistence by pressing Win+G.

Branding and customization

OEMs and boldness are able to customize the logon screen wallpaper of Windows 7 that is displayed before a exploiter timber on.

 Win 7

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